DNA/RNA Amplification Real-time PCR & RT-PCR Real-time RT-PCR

qRT-PCR Kit [Green]

  • Sensitive and reliable one-step quantitative RT-PCR premix
  • Detection by a DNA intercalating fluorescent dye 
  • A convenient 2x concentrated premix of enzymes, buffer, Mg2+,dNTPs, and DNA intercalating dye
  • High specificity by use of Hot-Taq polymerase
  • Convenience and reduced contamination risk


Cat.No. Product Size
QRT2-S200 RealHelix™ qRT-PCR kit [Green] 200 rxns
QRT2-S500 RealHelix™ qRT-PCR kit [Green] 500 rxns

RealHelix™ qRT-PCR kit [Green] is a convenient and reliable one-step quantitative RT-PCR kit. Both cDNA synthesis and PCR reactions are performed in a single tube using sequence-specific primers corresponding to the target RNAs from the sample. The Enzyme Mix in this kit is an optimized blend of Reverse Transcriptase, hot-start PCR enzyme, and RNase inhibitor protein, which ensures reliable results regarding sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity. The 2x Buffer Mix contains all of the required components including optimized buffer components, Mg2+, dNTPs, and a green fluorescent dye. The separately supplied ROX dye could be used as a passive reference dye in real-time PCR instruments that are compatible with the evaluation of the ROX signal.  

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