Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time RT-PCR Premixes

qRT-PCR Kit [v6] (UDG System), Bulk

  • Fast: 50 mins for 40 cycles
  • Multiplex: Up to 5-plex probe in a reaction
  • Antibody-coupled hot start Taq
  • Probe type
  • Enzyme Mix + 5X Reaction Buffer
  • UDG system: Prevention of carryover contamination







Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BCVQR6 RealHelix™ qRT-PCR Kit [v6] (UDG System) + UDG SYSTEM* Bulk

qRT-PCR Kit [v6] (UDG System) is a quantitative RT-PCR reagent suitable for molecular diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2, which causes the new Coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19). The kit's performance was confirmed using materials and methods approved by WHO on January 17, 2020. The enzyme mix is an optimized blend of Reverse Transcriptase, antibody-coupled hot-start Taq polymerase (Ab+Taq polymerase), RNase inhibitor protein, and a thermolabile UDG. These components help ensure sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity of PCR performance for COVID-19 molecular diagnosis. In addition, carryover contaminated PCR products can be removed by the applying the UDG system.




  • Quantification of target RNA by real-time RT-PCR


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