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Cat.No. Product Size
DA100 HelixChem™ dATP, 100 mM 1 ml
DG100 HelixChem™ dGTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DC100 HelixChem™ dCTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DT100 HelixChem™ dTTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DU100 HelixChem™ dUTP, 100 mM 1 ml
DN10 HelixChem™ dNTP Mix (each 10 mM) 1 ml
DNU10 HelixChem™ dNTP(U) Mix (each 10 mM) 1 ml
DNS100 HelixChem™ dNTP Set, 100 mM 4 ml
DNUS100 HelixChem™ dNTP(U) Set, 100 mM 4 ml

NanoHelix dNTPs is a mixture of enzymatically synthesized deoxynucleotides. Compared with dNTPs generated by chemical synthesis, the enzymatically synthesized dNTPs provide ultra pure nucleotides, enhancing the performance and sensitivity of PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing, etc. ​ 

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