DNA-RNA Purification DNA Purification

PCR Purification Kit

  • DNA clean-up
  • Spin column-based
  • Easy removal of primer-dimers
  • Recovery yield, >80%
  • Sequencing grade


Cat.No. Product Size
PCR50 PureHelix™ PCR Purification Kit 50 preps
PCR200 PureHelix™ PCR Purification Kit 200 preps
PureHelix™ PCR Purification Kit is designed for rapid and high-yield clean-up DNA from PCR and other enzymatic reaction mixtures. PureHelix™ PCR Purification Kit contains a silica membrane assembly for binding of DNA in high-salt buffer and elution with low-salt buffer or water. The purification procedure removes primers, nucleotides, proteins, salts and other impurities from DNA samples. The high purity DNA isolated using this kit is adequate for any molecular biology applications. Especially, the purification of PCR products using the dimer removal condition for an efficient removal of primer dimers, by-products of PCR, ensures excellent results of the automating sequence analysis.

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