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Power-Pfu Polymerase (Ver.2.0)

  • High fidelity and productivity
  • PMT (Polymerase Modulator on Temperature) technology
  • Broad range of annealing temperature
  • Minimize the non-specific amplification


Cat.No. Product Size
P250 HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase (Ver. 2.0) 250 units
P500 HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase (Ver. 2.0) 500 units
P2500 HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase (Ver. 2.0) 2,500 units
P250N HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase (with dNTP) (Ver. 2.0) 250 units
P500N HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase (with dNTP) (Ver. 2.0) 500 units
P2500N HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase (with dNTP) (Ver. 2.0) 2,500 units
HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase, originated from an extreme thermophile, is ideal for high-fidelity PCR amplification. Due to its intrinsic 3’ to 5’ exonuclease (proof-reading) activity, this DNA polymerase shows high-fidelity and produces blunt ended PCR products. NanoHelix’s “PMT (polymerase modulator on temperature) technology” is applied in the buffer system, which is effective to reduce primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification during the PCR. HelixAmp™ Power-Pfu Polymerase is an engineered enzyme showing much higher productivity and processivity than other proof-reading thermostable enzymes (e.g. Pfu DNA polymerase, Vent DNA polymerase etc.) without compromise to the fidelity. For the maximum performance of PCR reactions high-quality dNTP mixture is supplied. The addition of TuneUp™ Solution in the reaction mixture is a simple way to optimize the difficult targets of PCR.

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