DNA-RNA Purification RNA Purification

Viral DNA-RNA Kit V2
(Column Type)

  • Rapid isolation of pure viral DNA/RNA
  • High-yield purification of viral DNA/RNA from small amounts of various samples
  • Ready-to-use DNA/RNA
  • Suitable for viral DNA/RNA preparations in molecular diagnostics of pathogenic viruses


Cat.No. Product Size
VNK200 PureHelix™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit V2 (Column Type) 200 preps
PureHelix™ Viral DNA/RNA Kit V2 (Column Type), a spin-column based manual nucleic acid preparation kit, is designed for rapid, pure, and high yield isolation of viral DNA/RNA from various samples, including serum, cell-culture, swab collections, and respiratory specimens. This kit is suitable for the rapid preparation of nucleic acids for molecular diagnostics using conventional and real-time PCR/RT-PCR technologies. The purified viral DNA/RNA can be used in a number of downstream applications.

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