Raw Materials for MDx Real-Time PCR Premixes

2x qPCR Premix [Green]

  • Real-time PCR kit with DNA-intercalating fluorescent dye
  • Convenient 2x concentrated premix
  • High specificity using Hot-Taq polymerase
  • Reduced contamination risk


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BQP2-S RealHelix™ 2x qPCR Premix [Green], Bulk - Custom
BQPU2-S RealHelix™ 2x qPCR Premix [Green] [UDG System], Bulk UDG System Custom

This is the bulk version of RealHelix™ qPCR Kit [Green].

If you would like to purchase in bulk, please contact


RealHelix™ 2x qPCR Premix [Green] is designed to perform a rapid real-time quantification of target DNA using a double strand DNA-binding green fluorescent dye. The convenient 2x premix contains hot-start PCR enzyme, green fluorescent dye, dNTPs, buffers, Mg2+, and stabilizing agent. The hot-start PCR enzyme provides high specific amplification of target DNA and minimizes the side products such as primer dimers. The separately supplied ROX dye could be used as a passive reference dye in real-time PCR instruments that are compatible with the evaluation of the ROX signal. Bulk version is premix only. ROX reference dye is available separately upon request.

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