DNA-RNA Amplification Direct Amplification

DirectFast qRT-PCR Kit

  • DIRECT, FAST, sensitive, and reliable one-step quantitative RT-PCR kit
  • Real-time amplification DIRECTLY from animal tissues, plant tissues, and various clinical samples
  • Skip RNA purification
  • Fast real-time assay: 50 mins for 40 cycles
  • Multiplex: Up to 5-plex probe in a reaction
  • Probe-based real-time RT-PCR Kit
  • Unique buffer system and antibody-coupled hot-start Taq
  • UDG system: Carryover contamination prevention


Cat.No. Product Size
DFQRU-T100 RealHelix™ DirectFast qRT-PCR Kit 100 rxns

RealHelix™ DirectFast qRT-PCR Kit, a probe-based qRT-PCR kit, is designed for RNA direct real-time amplification from animal tissues, plant tissues, and various clinical samples (including whole blood, serum and swab collections) without any RNA purification processes. This kit allows the fast reaction to complete the qRT-PCR cycles within one hour. The Enzyme Mix in this kit is an optimized blend of reverse transcriptase, antibody-coupled Taq DNA polymerase, RNase inhibitor, and a heat-labile Uracil-DNA-glycosylase (HL-UDG). The Reaction Buffer contains all of the required components, including optimized buffer components, Mg2+, dUTP, and dNTPs. The applied HL-UDG/dUTP system eliminates the carryover contamination of PCR products from previous reactions. HL-UDG efficiently removes uracil residues from dU-containing DNA during the PCR mixture setup and handling.

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