DNA-RNA Amplification RT-PCR

Thermo Reverse Transcriptase

  • First-strand cDNA synthesis
  • Active at 42~55 ℃. Optimum at 50 ℃
  • RNaseH negative
  • Superior performance in RT-PCR
  • High processivity (up to 12 kb)


Cat.No. Product Size
RT10K HelixCript™ Thermo Reverse Transcriptase 10,000 units
RT50K HelixCript™ Thermo Reverse Transcriptase 50,000 units
RT10KN HelixCript™ Thermo Reverse Transcriptase (with dNTP) 10,000 units
RT50KN HelixCript™ Thermo Reverse Transcriptase (with dNTP) 50,000 units
HelixCript™ Thermo Reverse Transcriptase, a thermostable and RNase H-negative variant of M-MLV RTase, can synthesize cDNAs from purified RNA templates at a temperature range of 42 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ and especially shows the highest activity at 50 ℃. At the escalated temperature, the cDNA synthesis is enhanced partially due to the less internal structural formation of the template RNA and increased polymerization activity of RTase. The high processivity and productivity of HelixCript™ Thermo Reverse Transcriptase allows this enzyme to amplify the high yield of product and can synthesize cDNA of target gene up to 12 kb from RNA template. This enzyme is quite suitable to synthesize the first-strand cDNA for RT-PCR of target gene. The cDNA synthesis from total RNA or poly-(A) RNA is performed by random primer, oligo-d(T) primer, or gene-specific primer.

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