DNA-RNA Amplification Isothermal Amplification

FastLAMP Kit (Ver.2.0)

  • Fast detection (<20 minutes) for DNA target
  • Sensitive and accurate
  • Flexible detection method: Endpoint and real-time
  • Bst DNA polymerase-based isothermal amplification
  • Applicable to POC MDx


Cat.No. Product Size
FLMP2-100 HelixAmp™ FastLAMP Kit (Ver. 2.0) 100 rxns
FLMP2-500 HelixAmp™ FastLAMP Kit (Ver. 2.0) 500 rxns

HelixAmp™ FastLAMP Kit (Ver. 2.0) provides simple and fast (within 20 minutes) target DNA amplification using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP). This kit consists of 5x FastLAMP buffer V2 (Mg-free), FastLAMP Enzyme V2 and a D-Solution. The 5x FastLAMP Buffer V2 (Mg-free), optimized for fast amplification, contains buffering reagents, dNTPs, and salts. The FastLAMP Enzyme V2 is composed of a newly engineered Bst DNA polymerase that provides improved amplification reaction properties. The novel Bst DNA polymerase enhances the DNA polymerization speed and allows the fast isothermal amplification reaction.

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