PMT Technology

Polymerase Modulator on Temperature

  • PMT is a chemical that maximizes the effect of the
    hot start PCR
  • Reversible according to temperature
  • High specific amplification and minimize the
    primer-dimer formation

Polymerase Modulator on Temperature (PMT) technology, a novel PCR technology
for high specific amplification and minimize the primer-dimer formation.

PMT, a chemical, is regarded to interact with the amino groups of Taq DNA polymerase and reducing its affinity to DNA and polymerization activity. The ionic status of PMT is altered by temperature and accordingly it is released from Taq DNA polymerase at higher temperature, above 50℃.

This temperature dependent inhibition of PCR enzyme by PMT results high specific target amplification and minimizes the primer-dimer production.

In conjunction with classical antibody-mediated hot start methods, PMT maximizes the hot start PCR effects. This noble method, developed by NanoHelix Co., Ltd. is applied to NanoHelix's special enzymes such as HelixAmp™ Premium-Taq polymerase, Taq-Plus polymerase, Premium-Pfu polymerase and Power-Pfu polymerase. The PMT applied PCR enzymes amplify target DNAs at broad-range of annealing temperature and exert higher sensitivity and specificity than other conventional PCR enzymes.

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