Raw Materials for MDx PCR Enzymes for MDx

Taq Polymerase, Glycerol-free
5 units/μl, 50 units/μl

  • Lyophilization ready for preparation of dried amplification mixtures
  • Robust enzyme for routine PCR reactions
  • Low bacterial DNA contamination
  • High yields & High sensitivity


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BGT5 HelixAmp™ Taq Polymerase, Glycerol-free (5unit/μl), Bulk 5 units/μl Custom
BGT50 HelixAmp™ Taq Polymerase, Glycerol-free (50unit/μl), Bulk 50 units/μl Custom

This is the bulk version of HelixAmp™ Taq Polymerase.

If you would like to purchase in bulk, please contact


HelixAmp™ Taq Polymerase, Glycerol-free is a lyophilization-compatible version of a highly purified recombinant standard PCR enzyme. Host DNAs are removed almost entirely from the enzyme to minimize false positive reactions during molecular diagnostic applications. The separately available 10x reaction buffer contains pH-buffering agents, salts, Mg2+, and dNTPs.



  • Routine PCR and RT-PCR
  • Conventional and Real-Time PCR
  • PCR for molecular diagnostics
  • Manufacture of amplification mixtures

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