Raw Materials for MDx Enzymes for Molecular Diagnostics

Heat Labile UDG
1 unit/μl, 10 units/μl, 20 units/μl

  • Removing uracil-containing DNA
  • Heat-labile, inactivated at over 40 ℃
  • Ideal enzyme for conventional and real-time RT-PCR with dUTP


Cat.No. Product Feature Size
BHLU1 HelixZyme™ Heat Labile UDG (1unit/μl), Bulk 1 unit/μl Custom
BHLU10 HelixZyme™ Heat Labile UDG (10unit/μl), Bulk 10 units/μl Custom
BHLU20 HelixZyme™ Heat Labile UDG (20unit/μl), Bulk 20 units/μl Custom

This is the bulk version of HelixZyme™ Heat Labile UDG.

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HelixZyme™ Heat Labile UDG is a recombinant uracil DNA glycosylase from marine bacterium BMTU 3346. UDG catalyzes the hydrolysis of the N-glycosidic bond between the uracil and sugar, leaving an apyrimidinic site in uracil-containing single or double-stranded DNA. Heat Labile UDG is fully active in the temperature range of 15 to 25 ℃ and inactivated at over 40 ℃. Due to this characteristic, this enzyme is ideal for applying to a one-step RT-PCR system to remove the contaminated uracil-containing DNA in the reaction.




  • Prevention of carryover contamination in RT-PCR

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